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Kilombero River

Not just a tigerfish trip, get ready for the ultimate fishing safari!

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A newly unveiled fishing lodge, smack bang in the middle of the Tanzanian wilderness, perched on the banks of the stunning Kilombero River, it's tangled web of watery haunts makes it difficult put your rod down!

This is fishing exploration at it's finest, access to 5 freshly unlocked rivers and a completely new fishery materialising right before your very eyes with the forming of the new Nyerere Dam, there's more than enough to keep you casting well into the African sunset.


Let's not forget, you're fishing in the famous Selous Game Reserve, so cameras at the ready for the flotillas of floundering hippos swanning about the river, baboons swinging in the baobabs and the guinea fowl foraging through the undergrowth.
All the incredible African animals going about their daily lives as you tie on your next lure makes this much more than a fishing trip, it's the experience of a lifetime!


Group Size

Up to 6

Target Species

Tigerfish, Yellowfish & more!


Sep - Nov


Your choice!

Cost / Person

$1280 per day
plus flights

Be prepared to be swept away into another world as you take off from the chaotic city of Dar Es Salam and cruise south west over the glorious Tanzanian savannah, leaving civilisation behind for a fishing expedition like no other!

As your pilot banks over the stunning Kilombero River, watch as the hippo pods howl and honk at your arrival, until your plane trundles down the dirt strip and delivers you into the care of your friendly hosts.

With a cool drink in hand and smiles all round, keep your eyes peeled during the short 4WD trek into camp for the plethora of African beasts galloping through the bush, wildebeest, zebra, hyena and warthogs, these are your new fishing companions for the trip!

Upon arrival into camp the party has already started with a celebratory Swahili welcome song as you step from the vehicles and into the magical world of the Majestic Rivers Fishing Camp.
Wander past your sanctuarious, tented sleeping quarters to the main lodge and prepare to be spellbound by the vista before you.
A breathtaking sight of gentle rocky rapids, yellowfish wriggling amongst the riffles, tigerfish slashing through the whitewater and the blubbery hippos lumbering from pool to pool, spouting and hollering as they woof down gobs of water weed.
All of this right at your feet as you sit at the dinning table and the chef reveals the first of many succulent meals  for your stay.

Settle in, this is going to be special!

The Fishing

Where on earth do we start!? To say there are plenty of options would be putting it lightly!

From wide open, sandy river stretches, to pacier runs, cordoned by hulking rockbars, infinitely intricate rapids, waterfalls and white water, you'll never tire of the same old spots.

Lurk the banks and chuck lures land based, wade amongst the braided streams swinging nymphs, drift the snaggy banks by boat blooping poppers, or perch yourself on an island with a live bait and a lager, the cheerful guides will be right there with you!
They are a fantastic mix of wildlife enthusiasts, fanatical fishos and down right good blokes, i
t feels like catching up with old mates when sharing the water with this top notch team. They'll keep you safe from the jungle beasties, entertained with safari stories and hot on the tails of your target species.

Tanzania is known for its famous blue tigerfish, with an electric blue adipose fin, blood red tail rudder and growing to well over the magical 20lb mark, these things detonate on your lure like a ballistic missile!
From hiding in tiny pocket water to the wide open lake, prepare to be ambushed at any moment, their speed and ferocity is downright confronting, and should you manage to occasionally stick the hooks in one, good luck getting it in the net!
Instantaneously exploding from the water in thrashing cartwheels with fangs slashing through the spray, it's as nerve-wracking as it sounds!

"Settle in and enjoy the fight?!" Good luck with that! It's what makes these things so addictive!

When the time is right and they come on the chew, it's as if you're surrounded by a pack of hungry hyenas, so throw a popper out there and embrace the chaos!

Of course, the tigers aren't the only game in town, the rivers are swarming with a fantastic variety of weird and wonderful fish for you to track down.

In amongst the rapids and white water the cunning yellowfish can easily be spotted as they grub about the boulders looking for tasty morsels in amongst the weed.

A glimpse of their golden haunches as they scurry through the riffles is sure to quicken the pulse as you deduce the trajectory of your next cast. A sharp jolt on the line and the hooks are set as the fish charges off into the current, is it the yella you were stalking?  A bizarre looking labeo? Or a "toothless tigerfish" the alestes? 
You have to fight back if you want to find out!


If that doesn’t keep you busy enough, the various species of exotic catfish are bound to keep a bend in your rod throughout the day. Fish for them exclusively or enjoy their forceful fighting style as they pop up amongst your other target species. They get big, hit all manner of lures, flies and baits, and pull like a tricked up tractor!

Vundu, sharptooth and bagrid catfish being the hard hitters amongst this gang of whiskered warriors.

Battling them amongst fast currents, sharp rocks and freshwater oysters, the game is certainly afoot!