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Experience one of the greatest fisheries in Australia.

Queensland’s spectacular coastline has made it one of the best fishing destinations in the country and an ideal spot for casting, trolling and fly fishing trips. Novices and professional anglers flock to its shores to try their luck and chase the biggest catch.

Angling adventures in the sunshine state

There are many fantastic freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities in the sunshine state. The far north is the perfect launching point for sport fishing trips and adventures in Queensland. Here, you can chase barra, coral trout and sailfish on a deep sea charter. Cairns is also the fishing capital of the world when it comes to catching giant black marlin.

Central Queensland’s multiple freshwater inlets, river ways and lakes are the perfect spot for casting and fly fishing trips. Otherwise known as ‘Barra-country’ this area is home to Australia’s finest table eating fish. The islands and reefs off the shoreline are also abundant with game. Picturesque and pristine, the QLD coast provides a stunning backdrop for your next big adventure.

Tours in QLD

The sunshine state is littered with sport fishing trips, deep sea charters and touring vessels. At Angling Adventures, we can help you find the best tour to suit your needs. Over the past thirty years, we have built strong relationships with the top operators in the business and can provide you with exclusive access to their services in QLD.

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Whether you want to go fly fishing for salmon at Lake Maraboon or book a deep sea tour in Northern Queensland, Angling Adventures can set you up with amazing opportunities. Please feel free to give us a call on 1800 033 094 to kick start your adventure.

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