Kimberley Quest - WA - Western Australia

The vastness of the remote Kimberley region is undoubtedly a very special part of our land. Depending on how long you stay aboard with us, we can show you thousands of islands, deep gorges, vast mud flats, tidal pools and high cliffs pouring with torrents of fresh water.
The Kimberley region has some of the most magnificent waterfalls such as Kings Cascades, Horizontal Waterfalls and King George Falls to name a few.

The large river system, with many rivers and many of them un-named, are teeming with fish and the ever famous Barramundi can be found and skillfully caught in these rivers and the tidal creeks. Water lilies, majestic ferns and many species of birds are abundant along with the ever imposing saltwater crocodile.

The Kimberley Quest can take you to many spectacular places - Cascade Bay, Inland Sea, Cone Bay, Talbot Bay, Strickland Bay, Whirlpool Passage, Horizontal Waterfalls, Cockatoo Island, Crocodile Creek, and even further north to the Prince Regent and King George Rivers and onto Wyndham. We specialise in adventurous wilderness cruises and our aim is to give you a trip never to be forgotten.

All of the days that you will be fishing with Kimberley Quest will include a dingy(5 Metre) and a fishing guide. You will fish all daylight hours, usually coming back to Kimberley Quest for lunch. Lunch will be timed around the tides and after a short break, you will resume fishing until the sun goes down. Days are organised around the tides, so you will get the most out of your fishing time

Services & Facilities

Extended Fishing Expeditions

The Kimberley Quest II offers the ultimate in luxury surroundings for your fishing adventure with a well appointed 25 metre fully air-conditioned cruise vessel, equipped with helipad and spa. All cabins have their own private ensuite, seperate air-conditioning and fridge. Custom built for accessing the shallow estuaries and waterways of the Kimberley, the Kimberley Quest II is the perfect vessel to explore this vast coastline.
The Kimberley Quest II only takes a maximum of 12 fishing guests to ensure that there is plenty of space in our custom built tenders driven by knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides who will use their experience to help you land the big ones!.
Let us show you our secret spots where we work the numerous rock bars, snags and run-offs from dawn until dusk.

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