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Located right in the centre of the Pacific Ocean are 33 low-lying coral atolls collectively known as Kirbati (pronounced Kiribas). Sub-divided into three groups known as Line, Gilbert and Phoenix Island, Christmas Island is one of these atolls and one of the most spectacular. Located a four and a half hour flight from Fiji, Christmas Island is a Fishing Tour paradise teeming with life and amazing opportunities.

Undoubtedly one of the best locations for bone fishing, the stability of the climate has allowed for the numbers and average size of the fish here to thrive.

As with all bone fishing trips, there are good days, bad days and then there are days where you just get skunked! The tide, wind and weather all factor into your ability to see and make accurate presentations to entice a catch. There is always realistic potential for a big haul on bone fishing trips, and both novices and experts are sure to enjoy themselves.

Even after just a couple of days on a Christmas Island Fishing Tour, beginners will be able to at least double their catch. The more experienced sports fisher will be able to average 15-20 good 1-5 pound class (as well a few bigger ones possible) catches a day, with even 30+ being possible if the conditions are perfect. Watch out though, anglers are spooled by big ones at least once a week.

Bone fishing is just the beginning of the experience

One factor that strikes all visitors during this bone fishing tour is the seemingly endless flats of sand and coral that stretch out in front of them. Even those anglers who have returned many times are continually amazed by the new areas of clean and clear water they discover. The population of Christmas Island is made up mostly of Gilbertese descendants, who smile often and have a really friendly disposition. With a society that remains mainly untouched by commercialism, making this a perfect destination for any angler who’s looking to escape the rat-race and relax in an untouched environment.

Lagoon View: 2 share from $POA*

Sunset Horizon: 2 share from $4,025*

Ikari House: 2 share from $4,275*

The Villages: 2 share from $POA*

Per Person costs: 10 days/8 nights ex - Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

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